Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology EcoCampus Biodigester

The Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology EcoCampus Biodigester was constructed by our 'Green Apprenticeship' Permaculture Design and Training students together with T.H. Culhane in January 2014. The system is a combo of an IBC tank which feeds gas and effluent into an ARTI floating drum. The gas feeds a Puxan double burner. When the system supplies between 2-5 hours of cooking gas. The criteria for the system was to produce a low cost system that is 100% visable (above ground) to assure no pollution of ground water. The system is showcased as a sustainable technology to students and the 8,000 visitors that visit us yearly. More information on the EcoCampus is available HERE

Finished building:  Tuesday, 14 January, 2014


  • other IBC


  • Community


  • mixed

Functional state: 

  • operating

DIY or Commercial: 

  • DIY

Primary use: 

  • Cooking

Primary use state: 

  • Running

Secondary use: 

  • Dealing with kitchen wastes


  • Running

How is your digester kept at the right temperature: 

  • Styrofoam

Conservation Potential: 

  • Eco-tourism or Agro-tourism attraction
Size:  2 000Liter


Those dome frames look like heavy-gauge galvanized fence pipe, rather than conduit.  Would like to see plans and description for that frame!

The dome frames are 1 1/4" galvanized pipe, wall thickness 3 mm. Check out our channel for all the instructions.

T.H. Culhane describes the biogas digestor construction process The Lotan EcoCampus Biodigestor was constructed from an IBC and 2 water tanks The Lotan EcoCampus Biodigestor construction team celebrates Construction of the Lotan EcoCampus Biodigester