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Title Type Size Link
A Single-Culture Bioprocess of Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus to Upgrade Digester Biogas by CO2-to-CH4 Conversion with H2 2.21 MB Download
Energetics of Syntrophic Cooperation in Methanogenic Degradation 337.74 KB Download
Farmer’s Friend Biodigester Model Construction Manual 629.94 KB Download
Trash becomes Cash 2.67 MB Download
A 100 dollar biogas digester 337.69 KB Download
A classic piece from the north temperate zone by Al Rutan from Energy Self Sufficiency Newsletter 343.31 KB Download
Afghan Biogas Construction Manual 1.93 MB Download
Algaes to biogas 291.23 KB Download
Anaerobic Digestions 101 578.7 KB Download
Arabic Biogas Manual 8.69 MB Download
ArtIBC manual 4.97 MB Download
Bag volume calculation, and gas permeability spreadsheet from Biogas Handbook by David House
Bicycle Disposer Advertorial 110.26 KB Download
Bio-digester Information and Construction Manual For Rural Families 293.17 KB Download
Biogas from Waste and Renewable Resources 5.03 MB Download
Biogas manual 967.12 KB Download
Biogas production through the syntropic acetate oxidizing pathway 913.19 KB Download
Build manual: Arti floating dome biodigestor 2.36 MB Download
Build manual: Model biogas plant 4.43 MB Download
Fuel gas from Cow dung 8.64 MB Download
GGC Construction manual 599.12 KB Download
High solid anaerobic co-digestion of household organic matter 435.73 KB Download
Manual: Biogas (portugese) 13.66 MB Download
PolyBiogas PTB1500 692.83 KB Download
Puxin build / fact manual 48.67 MB Download
Puxin Family Biogas system fact sheet and materials 477.69 KB Download
Puxin family size digester fact sheet 477.69 KB Download
Report of the on-farm (household level) evaluation trials for 5 PolyBiogas digesters in Ruiru, Kenya 692.83 KB Download
Small Scale Biogas 669.71 KB Download