Community digesters

Put your digester on the map!

Here you can put your own biodigesters -- those you've built, those you bought, those your friends built or bought and those you've seen -- and put pictures and details about them -- on the map.  You can also sort the map by digester types and other parameters to see who has what where.  With this CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT the world of home and community biogas solutions can grow and we can help one another improve our digesters and the way we treat our food and fecal and other organic wastes and in this way  stop poisoning our planet, stop plundering our resources, mitigate climate change and help end deforestation, indoor air pollution and diseases caused by the way our kitchens and bathrooms are currently designed and used. 

Title Size Country bysort descending
anaerobic digestion from animal waste 1000 L Ahmed Shady Mohamed
Arterra's community digester 1000 L Spain Àlex García Sánchez
Floating Dome Digester 1500 L Burundi Biogaz Burundi
AD POME treatement, Southern Burundi 10000 L Burundi Biogaz Burundi
Biogas Reference Center Burundi 10000 L Burundi Biogaz Burundi
biogas for abeka presby 8580 L Ghana Enoch Kofi Boadu
Biogas at Kwahu Hweehwee 22000 L Ghana Enoch Kofi Boadu
Biogas at Asante Juaben 14730 L Ghana Enoch Kofi Boadu
Kibbutz Lotan Center for Creative Ecology EcoCampus Biodigester 2000 L CfCE
11 Flexi biogas systems Nepal Himalayan Perma...